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February 9, 2024




The Rogue Farmer Relaunched

The Rogue Farmer was the first creation of Rogue Soil, and once grown in, it was easy to see how quality inputs and attention to detail had built its rock solid reputation. The Rogue Farmer Relaunched takes the platform of our original blend and carefully layers in a deeper nutrient charge. The capillary flow created by this blend allows for unparalleled oxygenation and nutrient availability creating a new industry standard. 

The Rogue Farmer Relaunched is capped off with the perfect amount of biochar which helps hold nutrients in the soil through its cation exchange capacity (CEC). Mycorrhizae is added to increase soil nutrient availability to the plant. The flow of oxygen and nutrients coupled with the outrageous biological diversity in this blend creates super-storm of goodness.

The Rogue Farmer Relaunched works well with all complete nutrient programs. Watering and nutrient programs will vary depending upon plant type, application and environmental factors. For the purpose of plant production in greenhouse, indoor, and outdoor environments. 

Additional information

Weight 32.0000000000000000 lbs
Dimensions 5.0000000000000000 × 21.0000000000000000 × 31.0000000000000000 in