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Tower Garden

Grow Good Nutrition with Tower Garden

No green thumb? No problem. Tower Garden – the vertical, aeroponic garden systems allows you to grow your own produce without the learning curve or time commitment of traditional gardening.

Seeds, Seedlings, and Rockwool

Seeds, Seedlings, and Rockwool

Tower Garden plants start growing in a spongey material called rockwool. This soilless medium gives roots plenty of oxygen and moisture for fast, healthy growth. The Tower Garden kit comes with a variety of starter seeds with planting instructions that will set you up for growing success. Once your seeds have sprouted (germinated) and turned into cute little seedlings, you’ll place them in your Tower Garden to start watching them thrive and grow.

Pump, Timer, and Away We Grow!

Pump, Timer, and Away We Grow!

How does it all work? Simply put, it rains inside! A pump in the reservoir pushes the nutrient solution to the top of your Tower Garden. From there, the solution rains down over the plant roots inside the Tower Garden. The automated timer restarts the process regularly, so your plants always get the ideal amount of oxygen, water, and nutrients, with minimal attention required.

Harvest Deliciousness

Harvest Deliciousness

Within a few weeks, your plants are harvest-ready. Other than minor upkeep like checking water levels and keeping the pump filter clean, all you need to do is wait. And while your plants are growing, you can think about how you’ll use them or what you’ll plant next.


Feb 4

Beginners Guide to Mushroom Cultivation: With Sonoran Spores, Time TBD

A class so good, we’re doing it again! Join the wave of mycology knowledge. A course that teaches you everything you need to know to do small personal cultivations at home. As well as a growing kit.

Feb 7

Jr. Gardeners Club

Our recurring meet up for young gardeners. Have your littles join us on an adventure of discovery in and around the world of gardening.

Feb 13

SoundBowl and Movement 6:30 pm

Every second Tuesday of the month, we gather together to embrace peaceful sounds and peaceful movement. With help from our friends at 222Soundhous, we have the oppertunity to bring calm energy into our space

Feb 14

Insect Insight! With Lemon from Cosmic Curios, Time TBD

Join us at the Mountain View Community Garden, weather permitting, for a closer look at the crawlers and critters that hang out with us! Get a microscope view of what may be living near and around you.

Sonoran Spores

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