SUPERthrive, 1 pt


SUPERthrive, 1 pt

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SUPERthrive® ~ The Original Vitamin Solution

SUPERthrive® is a highly concentrated non-toxic vitamin solution invigorating all variety of greenery for home gardeners and professionals alike. It is equally suited for hydroponics, hydro-seeding, and foliar spraying.

SUPERthrive® maximizes potential by quickly building a strong root base and reducing transplant shock. SUPERthrive® replenishes soil, encourages the natural building blocks that plants make themselves under optimum conditions. Ideal when planting saplings or saving stressed, mature trees. SUPERthrive® is essential to maintain healthy landscaping, green turf, abundant edibles, and all trees. Kelp, newly added in 2013, integrates contemporary research with the existing nutrition provided by SUPERthrive® since 1940.

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