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February 9, 2024




Smarter, Simpler, Safer, Significant Savings…

The 40 AMP PHOTOBIO AC Power Distribution Tree enables multiple LED fixtures to be daisy chained from centralized 40 AMP drops.  The modular system provides significant cost savings on electrical infrastructure and labor while offering superior safety and flexibility versus traditional NEMA power plugs and outlets. 

Designed to excel in rigorous Indoor Farm and Greenhouse conditions, the PHOTOBIO AC Power Distribution Tree connections are all locking IP67 rated resulting in complete dust protection and protection against temporary submersion in water. The system is designed with EMC suppression technology to mitigate electromagnetic interference, is UV resistant, designed for use up to 480V, and is UL listed.

Each 40 AMP Tree starts with the “Roots” or PHOTOBIO Panel Mount Pig Tail, which is hardwired into a ceiling mounted junction box supplied with minimum 40 AMP service by a licensed electrician working with an electrical engineer.  After the initial junction box tie in, the AC Power Distribution Tree is fully plug and play, providing fast and easy daisy chain connections. “Trunk” Power Link cables and “Trunk with Branch” Power T cables are used in combination to suit your unique needs. Hydrofarm’s grower-centric, full-service lighting design services are complimentary and ensure our customers always succeed. Contact Us

Compatible with PHOTOBIO MX, CX, TX, T, and Phantom PHENO LED and PHANTOM DE 60 Series 277-400V HID fixtures.  Installation and service by a licensed electrician only in accordance with manufacturer specifications.

This item, the PHOTOBIO AC Power T Cable is a linkable 4.5’ long “Trunk” line with 1.5’ long “Branch” line that allows AC supply to interconnect multiple PHOTOBIO fixtures on a single AC circuit.  Power T Cables are used in a 1:1 ratio; one fixture to one Power T and provide Male to Female daisy chain of “Trunk” line for connection to either Panel Mount, Power Link Cable, or Power T Cable from adjacent fixture.

Features heavy duty 4.5’ 10AWG braided flexible copper wiring with 40A capacity, convenient M25 female to EN100 male locking connection.

Cable and connections rated IP67 for enhanced dust and water protection.

* Do not exceed the maximum number of devices as shown below:
330W 680W 850W 1050W 1200W
120V 10 5 4 3 2
208V 18 9 7 6 5
240V 22 11 8 7 6
277V 24 12 9 8 7
347V 32 16 12 10 9
480V 44 22 17 14 12

Additional information

Weight 1.6600000000000000 lbs
Dimensions 15.7000000000000000 × 15.7000000000000000 × 1.3200000000000000 in