Pegasus Potion, 1 gal


Pegasus Potion, 1 gal

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Pegasus Potion is a new concept of nitrogen delivery. Extraction through enzyme hydrolysis makes Pegasus Potion more biochemically viable, preserving amino acid integrity by breaking proteins at specific sites. This is the first pure-nitrogen product on the market that is not a salt based mineral or urea based nitrogen. Incredibly gentle on plants’ foliage and root zone, Pegasus Potion provides a readily available amino acid nitrogen source. Pegasus Potion can be used as an extremely effective foliar spray as well as a root drench to promote greening and vegetative growth.

From Oregon’s Only: A little warning to all who are thinking about using Pegasus Potion: IT SMELLS REALLY BAD. We have done everything in our power to quell the stench, and nothing we have tried will mask the smell. Sorry.

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