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February 9, 2024




Ready.Set.Grow! Easy Home Grow Mushroom Kit | All-In-One Sterilized Grain and Substrate.

  • All-In-One Mushroom Cultivation: The Ready.Set.Grow! Kit from Pacific Substrates provides everything you need to grow incredible mushrooms at home. Just add spores or culture (Not included)! Sterilized grain and substrate are pre-mixed, making it the hassle-free choice for beginners and hobby growers.
  • Nothing Beats Simple: Our Easy Home Grow  Mushroom Kit lets you grow fresh food or functional supplements on your kitchen counter, bookshelf, desk, end table, or any other surface a tissue box would fit. Just add spores or culture! Enjoy the satisfaction of farm-to-table flavors or effective supplements at an affordable price with ‘guaranteed success.’
  • Multiple Harvests, One Kit: Each Ready.Set.Grow! Kit is designed to produce mushrooms multiple times, allowing you to harvest up to three batches. Simple, satisfying, and sustainable, enjoy fresh homegrown flavors and healthy harvests  again and again.
  • Premium Ingredients: This kit includes a blend of high-quality ingredients composed of coco coir, aged manure, earthworm  castings, vermiculite, whole oats, milo, gypsum, and lime, specially formulated for cultivating manure-loving mushroom varieties and more.
  • Ready to Use: Pre-mixed grain and substrate come sterilized in a 10T grow bag equipped with an injection port and 0.2µm filter, making it convenient and ready to use for specialty mushroom cultivation. Just add mushroom spores or liquid culture and start growing mushrooms at home.

Ingredients: Coco coir, aged manure, earthworm castings, vermiculite, whole oats, milo, gypsum, lime

Net Contents: 2.2L (3 lbs) 

Produce Dimensions: 5.31”D x 6.68”W x 3.68”H

Instructions included on product label. Watch a video of detailed growing instructions here:

Money Back Guarantee: Pacific Substrates offers a 6-month money back guarantee on all products. If there are any manufacturer defects, return the unopened product for a full refund.

Additional information

Weight 3.2000000000000000 lbs
Dimensions 5.3100000000000000 × 6.6800000000000000 × 3.6800000000000000 in