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Mr. B’s Green Trees Growth with Boost 15-5-5

If explosive growth is your goal, this is the product for you. Mr. B’s Green Trees Growth with Boost 15-5-5 is the jet fuel you need to support vegetative growth to the stratosphere. With over twice the nitrogen of the organic growth product, plants can work double time for verdant, unbridled branching and foliation.      

Mr. B’s Green Trees Boost Nutrients

The best of both worlds! A customer favorite for pushing the limits of growth, Mr. B’s Green Trees Organic/synthetic hybrid formulations start with an organic base and elevate the NPK with the addition of synthetic fertilizers including Urea and Triple Superphosphate. When you’re looking for that “boost” in your crop and don’t mind the use of synthetics, Mr. B’s Green Trees Boost brings explosive growth and flowering from start to finish.

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Weight 43.5000000000000000 lbs
Dimensions 12.5000000000000000 × 12.5000000000000000 × 14.7500000000000000 in