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February 9, 2024




Soil A&B Base Nutrient provides a high-quality base designed specifically for soil applications. This kit also contains 100ml Roots Excelurator Gold, 100ml Amino Treatment, 250ml Multi Zen, 250ml Bud-XL, 250ml Top Booster, 250ml Drip Clean, 250ml Nitrogen Boost, and 2 sachets of Shooting Powder — all in one box.  Each starter kit contains enough of our nutrients and additives to complete a full run in gardens that use 15 gallons of feed water per week with a 2-week veg and 8-week flower cycle.

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Weight 10.0000000000000000 lbs
Dimensions 5.0000000000000000 × 8.5000000000000000 × 10.0000000000000000 in