High Power HID Controller 4000W (120V/240V) 30A X-Plug


Autopilot 4-Light High Power HID Controller, 4000W (120/240V) 30A X-Plug

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Control multiple lights from one timer or controller device. Power is wired directly into the four-outlet timer box and all of the outlets are controlled by one detachable 120V trigger cable. Rated for 30 amps at 120/240 volts. The trigger cable can be plugged into a standard 24-hour timer or environmental controller. Three year no hassle warranty.

APCL4X has four 120/240 volt style outlets which allow running your ballasts at 120/240 volts without having to change out your ballast power cords.


  • 4000W 4-light controller
  • Durable steel enclosure
  • Premium quality industrial grade relays
  • X-style outlets allow 120V or 240V ballast operation
  • 30A maximum
  • 120V trigger cable


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Weight 5.25 kg
Dimensions 8 × 10 × 4 cm


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