Autopilot Analog to Digital Conversion Module (4/cs)


Autopilot Analog to Digital Conversion Module V2

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The Autopilot APBC1001 signal conversion module is ideal for facilities utilizing commercial environmental controllers to control lighting. The module converts analog 0–10V and 0–11.5V signal into digital RS-485 signal. It features two analog inputs and four digital outputs, divided into two zones. Each zone controls 256 fixtures, for a total of 512 fixtures per module. The included white data link cables are shielded against electromagnetic interference, with IP65 connectors that protect against dust and liquid ingress. The module is compatible with 1000W, 750W, 315W dual, and 315W single fixtures.


  • One Autopilot APBC1001 Signal Conversion Module
  • One DC power supply
  • Six 20′ white data link cables:
    (2) data link cables for analog input
    (4) data link cables for digital output


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