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February 9, 2024


SKU: AP50005


Become a believer! Small pack of Fasilitor and Startboost 50 ml so you can see the results before investing in the larger sizes. The Aptus Believer Pack mixes 50 gallons. Use in early growth. 

The Aptus believer pack is designed to show the APTUS plant nutrients. Quickly, with little effort force Simple and complete plant nutrients for the intelligent grower. APTUS Plant Tech is a plant nutrition technology from the Netherlands. For more than 10 years of proven by top agricultural universities and applied in commercial agriculture in Europe. 

Aptus is now registered and available in the USA. 

• Aptus Startboost 50 ml
• Aptus Fasilitor 50 ml

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Weight 2.0000000000000000 lbs
Dimensions 3.7500000000000000 × 2.2500000000000000 × 4.5000000000000000 in