AA Bottom Draw Pump Adapter, AA250/400, 1/2” G inlet thread


Active Aqua Bottom Draw Pump Adapter, AAPW250/AAPW400, 1/2” inlet thread

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Active Aqua Bottom Draw Fittings allow you to convert your premium submersible pump into a practical bottom draw pump. No need to purchase additional sump pumps to remove that last bit of water in your reservoir or tank—simply connect your bottom draw fitting to the threaded inline port of an Active Aqua water pump. No more lifting heavy reservoirs to get rid of the stubborn remaining water!


  • Compatible with AA submersible pumps 250GPH (AAPW250), and 400GPH (AAPW400)
  • Draw water from as low as 3/16” depth
  • Adjustable lock height
  • Steady flow rate
  • No leaking


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Weight 0.63 kg
Dimensions 7 × 3.5 × 1.05 cm


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