Salamander Soil Potting Mix 1.5 cu ft


FoxFarm Salamander Soil® Potting Mix, 1.5 cu ft

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The smooth shiny Salamander is a true delight of Nature. These beautiful little creatures come in a bright kaleidoscope of colors and call these forests their home. Salamanders always find the right habitat to flourish in.

FoxFarm has created this water holding Salamander Soil® Potting Mix so that your plants can moisturize in the same way as this special animal. Your precious little seedlings and plants will have access to the benefits of a potting mix full of NEWT-tritive properties.

Under the right moisture conditions beneficial microorganisms can flourish and NEWT-trient uptake may be enhanced. Plants that are grown in hot climates need that extra thirst quench so that they can stay vigorous and not get stressed from drying out. The inconvenience of frequent waterings is sometimes problematic for growers who just can’t get to their plants in time. Moisture has to be accurate; too much will cause root rot and plants will suffer.


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Dimensions 27.5 × 18.3 × 3.7 cm


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