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Elite CalMag, 5 gal – A Hydrofarm Exclusive!

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Elite CalMag (2– 0 – 0)

Elite CalMag is a calcium, magnesium and iron supplement that helps prevent and correct common plant deficiencies and assists in plant growth and development

How it works:
It became clear to Elite early on that when using RO water, growers run the risk of calcium, magnesium, and iron deficiencies. With calcium, magnesium, and iron all in one bottle, Elite CalMag ensures that the most common nutrient deficiencies are handled with one treatment. While calcium and magnesium ions are easy for a plant to uptake, not all iron ion sources are created equal: Elite CalMag contains a special chelated iron that improves bio-availability of iron to the plant. The result is a product that provides readily available nutrients that will improve the overall health of your garden.

Shake well before use. Use 1 ml to 4 ml of solution per gallon of water as needed during the vegetation and bloom cycles.

For best results, mix A, B, C, D and CalMag. Adjust pH as needed, then add Root Igniter and mix thoroughly. Always dilute before mixing with other nutrients.

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