1000w Digilux Digital HPS Bulb


Digilux Digital High Pressure Sodium (HPS) Lamp, 1000W, 2000K

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Digilux NOW IMPROVED! Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium bulbs are favored by growers because of the wide color spectrum and efficiency. They are engineered for use in digital ballasts and feature enhanced red and orange spectrums (HPS) blue spectrums (MH), better color uniformity, longer bulb life, and less lumen depreciation. Digilux bulbs can be used in both vertical and horizontal fixtures. Digilux lamps offer superior performance compared to traditional metal halide and HPS lamps. Digilux HPS bulbs deliver 25% more energy in the red and orange spectrums as well as 25% more energy in the blue, violet, and green spectrums for the MH bulbs.

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